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Attack On 7th Amendment

Hurst & Hurst Attorney Acts To Protect 7th Amendment Rights Of Kentuckians

Attorney Rebecca HurstProtecting the 7th Amendment Rights. Hurst & Hurst Law attorney Rebecca Hurst, traveled to Frankfort, to the State’s Capital in February to help defend Kentucky citizens’ rights under the Seventh (7th) Amendment of the US Constitution and Section 7 of the Kentucky Constitution. Both the 7th Amendment and Section 7 of the Kentucky Constitution act to protect an individual’s right to trial by jury.

Rebecca along with many other lawyers met with legislators on February 9th, 2016. The purpose being to discuss Senate Bill No. 6. Senate Bill No. 6 would create a medical review panel system for use in civil litigation relating to health care providers. Meaning that an individual harmed through medical negligence would have to present their case to a medical review panel. That panel would then tell them whether they could actually move forward with their case. And only after it has been approved by the medical review panel would the injured person be able to move forward with suit against the medical provider. This would severely impact individuals right to trial.
Attorney Danville KY

This bill would seriously limit an injured person’s ability to seek compensation for their injury from doctors and hospitals. Placing this limitation on a person’s right to trial is a clear violation of an individual’s rights under the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution and Section 7 of the Kentucky Constitution.

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