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Auto Accidents and Car Wrecks

Auto Accidents and Car Wrecks

Have You Been The Victim of a Car Wreck?

The attorneys at Hurst & Hurst have a record of success in handling claims on behalf of car wreck victims in Kentucky through negotiations with the vehicle owner’s insurance company or through litigation. The car wreck lawyers at Hurst & Hurst are here to help you after you have been injured in an auto accident, contact us at (859) 209-2101.

Car Wreck Injuries in Kentucky

Every day in Kentucky people are seriously injured or killed in auto accidents.  The effects of the injuries sustained in car wrecks are often severe and obvious at the time of the accident.  Sometimes the injuries sustained in a car accident are less obvious and you may not notice them until days or months after the car wreck occurred.

For example, spinal injuries that cause pain and numbness throughout the body; or concussion/traumatic brain injuries that cause various cognitive problems.

Regardless of the type of the injury, if you were hurt in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.  The car wreck lawyers at Hurst & Hurst can make sure you receive this compensation.

Money Damages For Victims Of Car Accidents

Generally, if you are hurt in a car wreck, you can receive money to cover the cost of the medical treatment you have already received through your auto insurance or the other driver’s car insurance. In many cases, you can also recover money to pay for the cost of future medical expenses for treating injuries that were sustained in the auto accident. If you have lost a family member in an auto accident you may be able to bring a claim for Wrongful Death.

You can be compensated for lost wages, pain and suffering, and the damage to your vehicle. Determining the value of your claim can be confusing. The attorneys of Hurst & Hurst will sit down with you for a free consultation to help you determine the value of your case.

When Your Health Insurance Company Pays After Your Car Wreck

It is important to remember that if your medical bills were paid for under your insurance’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medicare, Medicaid or any other form of insurance; you will be required to reimburse them for any medical expenses they have paid. This money will come out of any money you receive from your case. It does not matter if the money comes as a result of a jury trial or a settlement, this money still has to be repaid. In many cases, an experienced auto accident attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to reduce the amount of the medical bills you have to repay.

Auto Accidents and Car Wrecks

How Much Time Do You Have to File a Law Suit?

Unlike most Personal Injury Actions, where the Statute of Limitations is one (1) year from the date of the injury, the Statute of Limitation for a car wreck is two (2) years from the date of injury or, last PIP (Personal Injury Protection) payment.

If someone has lost their life in the auto accident, then the claim is for Wrongful Death.  The Statute of Limitations operates under a more complicated set of rules; which one of our attorneys will explain to you during your free consultation.

Auto accident cases do take time to prepare; so you need to contact an attorney as soon as you realize you have an injury.

Delays can adversely affect any case you may have.

How We Can Help After Your Car Accident

The lawyers at Hurst & Hurst can help you evaluate your claim and bring a suit on your behalf.  As with all Personal Injury Actions, we take car wreck cases on a contingent fee.  This means you do not have to pay us anything up front; our fee is earned as a percentage of what you are paid.  If we do not win your case or get a settlement for you, you owe us nothing.

If you think you have a claim for an auto accident or if you have questions about car wreck claims, contact a lawyer at Hurst & Hurst Law at (859) 209-2101.