Personal Injury Lawyer for Car Crash Accidents

Car Wreck Victims in Kentucky:

The aftermath of a car accident can impact you and your family for months and years to come. When that accident is caused by the negigence of others, we can help you recover financially so you can focus on physical and emotional recovery.

Car Accident Cases

Unfortunately, there are a lot of dangerous people on the road in Kentucky:

  • People more interested in texting than driving.
  • People who are drinking and driving.
  • People driving while intoxicated on other drugs.
  • Overtired truck drivers who won’t take breaks as required by law
  • Truckers driving for companies who won’t spend money maintaining their trucks because they prioritize profit over your safety.

Too often, these drivers' lack of regard for the safety of others leads to serious accidents that result in severe injuries and loss of life.

How to Select a Car Accident Lawyer

How do you sift through all the noise and choose a competent, effective lawyer you can trust? Start by asking the right questions!

  1. Which lawyer will personally handle your case? Many large law firms have ads that feature senior partners with years of experience but essentially do a “bait and switch” and have young lawyers with little experience handle your case. Ask about your access to your lawyer. Some firms have legal assistants that serve as “gatekeepers” so you never get past them to speak to your actual lawyer after you sign a contract!
  2. Does your lawyer actually practice auto accident cases? Don’t ask if they can, ask how much experience they have. Be diligent. We don’t want you to be one of the many people we have met who have lost recoverable income because of the mess their lawyer made of their case. In some cases, I have seen unexperienced lawyers accident waive entire insurance policies that their clients should have recovered.
  3. Do you feel comfortable with your lawyer? Trust your gut on this. Meet, in person, with the lawyer that will be working on your case. You need to trust your lawyer’s advice, which begins with trusting them. You need both—a good relationship with your lawyer and a good outcome for your case.

Challenges You Face Following a Car Accident

If you (or a loved one) get hurt in an accident, you are going to need help from many people. First, and foremost, you will need medical professionals. As anyone who has been in a serious accident knows necessary medical treatment can be very expensive. Add those medical expenses to the fact that you miss a lot of work during recovery and it does not take long to end up in a terrible financial position that isn’t your fault.

The Other Person’s Insurance Company

When you look to the insurance company of the driver who hurt you, the first thing that you will learn is their priority is their shareholders, not you.  You need someone to make them do the right thing. You need a committed lawyer who knows how they operate.

The Other Car Accident Lawyers

There are hundreds of lawyers in Kentucky competing for your business. Anyone who has watched tv, driven anywhere in the state or attended a major sporting event in Kentucky has seen hundreds (if not thousands) of advertisements for injury law firms.

You may see lawyers dressed like superheroes or actors doing advertisements various firms and even fake championship belts. Right now, there are firms that use the names of dead lawyers, as if they were still practicing for that firm. Incredible, right?

Our Experienced Lawyers: The Personal Help You Need

Here at Hurst & Hurst, your case will be handled personally by a dedicated attorney experienced with auto accident cases and focuses on keeping you informed with every step of your case. We take your calls personally and return them promptly. We want your experience with us to be as successful as the outcome of your case. Both matter to you, so both matter to us.

If you have questions, call us for a no-obligation consultation to see if we are a good fit for your needs.

Medical Expenses

Hospital visits, doctor appointments, diagnostics like x-rays, ultrasounds, cat scans and MRIs can be extremely costly. If your injury is due to another's negligence, you can often recover these expenses in a lawsuit.

Lost Wages

You depend on your income and you may have family members who also need financial support -- support that your injuries have made it impossible for you to provide. A personal injury claim can recover lost wages.

Pain & Suffering

Money can't make pain and suffering better, but a monetary award in your case may discourage the responsible party from being negligent in the future and causing injury to others.

Property Damage

Your vehicle is a sizeable financial asset. If it is damaged or totaled as the result of someone else's carelessness or negligence, you need to be able to replace it without a financial hit.

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