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Casey County, KY Apple Festival

Hurst Law At  The Casey County Annual Apple Festival

Liberty KY LawyerThe attorneys of Hurst & Hurst Law traveled down to Liberty, Casey County KY for the annual Casey County Apple Festival. The festival is usually held in late September to coincide with the apple harvest.

In 2015, Liberty, KY hosted the 41st annual Apple Festival.  In addition, 2010 marked the 36th anniversary of The Casey County Apple Festival, and that year the festival was named “Best Festival in Kentucky”.

The first Apple Festival held on a gravel parking lot at a newly-built shopping center in 1974. And it has become one of Kentucky’s best street festivals. Now the Apple Festival takes place now in downtown Liberty, KY.

More noteworthy, the festival boasts a 10ft apple pie, chocolate cookie and pizza. And all of these are offered free to the public. The 10- foot giant apple pie is the anchor of the festival. Preparations start on the Thursday before, when volunteers start peeling the apples. After filling the specially-built 10-ft stainless steel pan with all the ingredients on Friday afternoon the pie goes in a custom made oven to bake 12 hrs. On Saturday morning the oven is turned of and the pie continues to bake until it’s promptly removed at noon on Saturday. It is enough apple pie to feed thousands and it’s served with a helping of ice cream.

Daniel and Rebecca Hurst attended this year to sample some of the giant apple pie and take in the festivities.

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