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Mercer County, KY

The county seat of Mercer County is Harrodsburg. The county is comprised of the cities of Harrodsburg and Burgin. Mercer County is part of the 50th District of Kentucky with Boyle County.

The county was formed from a part of Lincoln County in 1785 and is named for Revolutionary War General Hugh Mercer, who was killed at the Battle of Princeton in 1777.

Harrodsburg was the first city formally chartered in Kentucky County, the Virginia territory that later became the 15th American state. Harrodsburg was originally the county seat of Lincoln County when it was formed in 1780, and became the Mercer County seat when the county formed.

Located within Mercer County are the local attractions of Old Fort Harrod State Park, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill and Herrington Lake.

Cities Of Mercer County, KY

Harrodsburg, KYLawyer serving Mercer County KY 40330

Hurst & Hurst attorneys proudly serve clients in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Harrodsburg was originally founded by James Harrod in 1774, and serves as the county seat of Mercer County, KY.  Taking place annually in Harrodsburg, is the Fort Harrod Beef Festival.

Harrodsburg is considered the oldest city in Kentucky and has been honored as the oldest permanent American settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains. At the time of the Revolutionary War it was one of only three settlements in the geographic area now known as Kentucky.

In 1789, Harrodsburg was selected as the site for the Kentucky Federal District Court. Harrodsburg is located in the 50th Judicial District and shares its judges with Boyle County, KY.

Burgin, KY

Hurst & Hurst Law attorneys also proudly serve the residents of Burgin, Kentucky. Burgin was originally incorporated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1878. Burgin is located in the 50th Judicial District and shares its judges with Boyle County.

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