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Mercer County Judicial Center

Mercer County, Ky

Mercer County includes the cities and towns of Harrodsburg and Burgin. The county seat is Harrodsburg, KY. Mercer County is part of the 50th Judicial District in Kentucky which is comprised of Boyle and Mercer Counties.

The county was formed from a part of Lincoln County in 1785 and is named for Revolutionary War General Hugh Mercer, who was killed at the Battle of Princeton in 1777.

Cities in Mercer County, KY

Harrodsburg, KY

Hurst & Hurst Law is proudly located in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Harrodstown (sometimes Harrod's Town) was laid out and founded by James Harrod on June 16, 1774. Later that same year, amid Dunmore's War, the settlement was abandoned as a result of Shawnee attacks. Resettled the following year, it was one of three settlements in present day Kentucky at the time the 13 colonies declared independence in 1776, along with Logan's Fort and Boonesborough. Also known as Oldtown, Harrodstown was the first seat of Virginia's Kentucky (1776), Lincoln (1780), and Mercer (1785) counties upon their formations. It remains the seat of Mercer County in Kentucky.

The settlement was formally established by the Virginia General Assembly in 1785 as Harrodsburg. Four years later, it was named the location for the newly created United States District Court for the District of Kentucky by the Judiciary Act of 1789. The Kentucky General Assembly incorporated Harrodsburg in 1836.

Burgin, KY

What is now Burgin was originally known as "Cane Run." In 1874, the Cincinnati Southern Railway obtained a right-of-way from local landowner Temple Burgin and opened Burgin Station. The town was established in 1877 and incorporated in 1878. The post office opened as "Bergen" in 1877 and changed its name to "Burgin" in 1886.

Hurst & Hurst Law attorneys also proudly serve the residents of Burgin, Kentucky. Burgin was originally incorporated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1878. Burgin is located in the 50th Judicial District and shares its judges with Boyle County.

Festivals And Events

Located within Mercer County are the local attractions of

Taking place annually in Harrodsburg, is the Fort Harrod Beef Festival, and the Fort Harrod Jazz and Art Festival.

Mercer County, KY