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Garrard County, KY

The county was formed in 1796 from parts of Lincoln County, Madison County, and Mercer County. It was named for Col. James Garrard, the second Governor of Kentucky, who was in office when the county was established.

Garrard County is located in the 13th Judicial District of Kentucky and shares its judges with Lincoln and Jessamine Counties.

Lancaster, KY

The attorneys of Hurst & Hurst Law proudly serve Lancaster, Kentucky. Lancaster was originally incorporated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1837, is home to almost 3,500 residents, and serves as the county seat.

Author Harriet Beecher Stowe visited the Kennedy home located in Lancaster, in her only visit to the South while gathering material for her book, Uncle Tom's Cabin. The cabin that was the inspiration for the book stood behind the Kennedy plantation house.

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