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Rockcastle County, KY

Created out of Knox, Lincoln, Madison, and Pulaski counties, Rockcastle was the 52nd Kentucky county. the Rockcastle River was named for a rock that resembled an ancient castle by an early hunting party.

The county seat of Rockcastle County is Mt. Vernon, KY. Rockcastle County is located in the 28th Judicial District and shares judges with Pulaski county.

Mt. Vernon, KY

Mt. Vernon, KY was named for George Washington's Virginia home. Currently a part of the Richmond-Berea micropolitan area, Mt. Vernon was originally settled in 1790. The town was connected via Wilderness Road two years after it was settled and was the primary settlement when Rockcastle County was created in 1810.

Rockcastle County is the home of the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum, The Renfro Valley Entertainment Center & Old Barn Theatre, and the Rockcastle Speedway and natural attractions including the Great Saltpetre Cave, Goochland Cave, Daniel Boone National Forest, Anglin Falls and Lake Linville.