Daniel Hurst

Daniel Hurst Danville KY Attorney at Law

Daniel Hurst, Founding Partner

Daniel Hurst is a founding partner at Hurst & Hurst Law. He started the firm with his wife and law partner, Rebecca Hurst.

Daniel was raised in Berea, Kentucky and joined the United States Marine Corps in 2004, one year after graduating high school. During his time in the Marine Corps, Daniel served as a Military Police Officer. His military service included a tour of combat in the Ali Anbar Province of Iraq in 2006. While where Daniel served as a turret gunner on a sweep team looking for IEDs (Improved Explosive Devices).

After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps in 2008, Daniel continued his path of service. He completed his undergraduate work obtaining a Bachelors in Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University where he graduated magna cum laude in 2010. Immediately after graduating from EKU, he married the woman who would become his law partner and they both started law school. In 2013, he obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Kentucky College of Law where he graduated in the top third of his class.

The primary focus of Daniel’s law practice is personal injury and civil litigation. However, he does offer a wide range of legal services including criminal defense, probate and the estate planning.

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