Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation and Litigators

Civil Litigators in Danville KYCivil Litigation refers to basically all contested Court cases that do not involve Criminal Law. The most common Civil Litigation cases are when a plaintiff has sued a defendant for money or to make the defendant do something. The lawyers who work on these cases are called Litigators.

Civil Litigation is a very broad category of the law. It includes Personal Injury cases like claims for Wrongful Death and representing victims injured in Car Wrecks. Other examples are lawsuits based on discrimination, employment or contract disputes.

Daniel Hurst’s Civil Litigation Experience

Most of Daniel Hurst’s legal experience is in Civil Litigation. Primarily his experience has been defending health care entities in medical negligence and employment law actions. His background in defending these claims can be very valuable to helping you with any Civil Litigation you may need.

Rebecca Hurst’s Civil Litigation Experience

Rebecca Hurst has experience working with the Civil Litigation section of the United States Attorneys’ Office in Lexington, Kentucky. This opportunity permitted her to learn from some of the best attorneys in federal government. Her experience in Civil Litigation and personal injury cases helps Rebecca provide the best legal representation for her clients.

How We Can Help With Civil Litigation

Hurst & Hurst offers representation for clients with various Civil Litigation needs. We can take plaintiff cases based on a contingent fee or represent defendants for an hourly rate. If you need representation in a Civil matter please contact the attorneys of Hurst & Hurst.