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Consequences of Being Charged with a DUI in Kentucky

Getting charged with a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge is a very serious matter with severe consequences. The penalties range in severity depending upon a number of factors. They include the possibility of jail time, loss of your driver’s license, expensive fines and for some professions they can prevent you from being able to continue in your trade.

What Factors Determining the Penalty for DUI in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is the term used. In other areas, this may also be called DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). The biggest factor in determine what penalties you are facing is whether you have been convicted for a DUI in the past. In the state of Kentucky, the more DUI convictions you have had, the more severe the punishment. With multiple convictions, jail time increases, becoming mandatory and the length of time that your driver’s license is suspended increases.

Another factor in determining the penalty for a DUI is whether you have been charged with any aggravators. An aggravator is a fact or circumstances that will increase the penalty for any Criminal Charge. One of the most common aggravators with a DUI is if your Blood Alcohol Level was greater than 0.15 when you were arrested. Other common aggravators are having an accident while intoxicated or having a child in the vehicle when you are pulled over for a DUI.

How Can a DUI Attorney Help Me?

Because the state of Kentucky has a statute that prohibits prosecutors from amending a DUI charge to any other offense your options are limited. You can either plead guilty or you can take the case to trial. The attorneys at Hurst & Hurst Law are willing to assist you in making the best decision for you.

Our attorneys can assess the strength of the prosecution’s case against you and help you determine your chances for success at trial. If you are guilty of the DUI charge, the assistance of an attorney can help you get the best plea arrangement possible. If you have a good chance of winning at trial, our attorneys are ready, willing and able to take your case to trial.

The Focus of a Good DUI Lawyer

The focus of any good DUI Lawyer should be getting the best outcome possible for you. Many DUI clients have made a poor decision that they regret and they need help moving on without having their lives turned upside-down. Our attorneys are available and willing to assist you through this process and to try to help you minimize these consequences. If you have been charged with Driving Under The Influence (DUI) and would like to speak to an attorney please call us at (859) 209-2101.