Big trucks are part of our lives in Kentucky. A load of new pickups leaving Louisville for their final destination, coal trucks in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, and trucks delivering goods purchased online -- we see them every day. Most of them are driven by responsible, trained professionals who follow the rules of the road and drive well-maintained equipment. But, as we know, that isn’t always the case.

Big Trucks Do Big Damage

Everyone has driven by a scene where a big truck has destroyed a car and we all think, “I hope they are okay.”  Often, they are not and far too often it’s because the tired truck driver skipped legally required breaks, was driving too fast, or was behind the wheel of a piece of junk that shouldn’t have been on the road.

When this results in an accident that involves you or a loved one, you are may have serious injuries and could be dealing with the tragedy of losing a loved one.

Trucking Companies Send An Army

As soon as it happens, the trucking company will report the accident to their insurance company and that insurance company is going to send their army of adjusters and lawyers to work against you and your family.

They will fight and do everything in their power to not pay you. That is why you need a lawyer who knows how to make them pay.

Why Lawyers Advertise on Billboards & TV

The reason you see so many injury lawyer ads is that these cases can be lucrative, so firms compete fiercely for your business… if only they fought half that hard for you in the courtroom!

There are special qualifications required to be a good personal injury attorney; there are no special qualification to buy an ad on a bus, advertise on TV, or put up a billboard.

Did you know that some of the names you see on these billboards are attorneys who have been dead for years with younger attorneys still using their name as a corporate “brand?”

Even before you had a case, you were bombarded by advertisements on tv, billboards and city buses.  You’ve seen the hammers, tigers and (for reasons no one understands) a “legal superhero” with a cape. They all promise to fight for you.  But, that doesn’t mean they will… or that they have the knowledge and experience you need.

How to Select A Lawyer with The Experience You Need

You need someone who understands trucking regulations and understands how to hold the company responsible for putting unsafe drivers on the road in substandard equipment.

At Hurst & Hurst, we actually have a senior attorney whose family operates a trucking company, who drove a commercial box truck while in college. This means we offer an incredible amount of essential knowledge and experience for your big truck injury case that most lawyers will never have.

We offer experience both with the trucking industry and with big truck accidents. We know how to evaluate whether a company is using unfit drivers and junk equipment and whether that caused or contributed to your injury.

Your injuries are real and you only get one chance to seek damages. We understand. We take and return calls personally. We take all your concerns seriously.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Lawyer for Big Truck Injuries

  1.  What lawyer will personally handle your case?  Many large law firms have ads that feature senior partners with years of experience instead of the young, inexperienced lawyers who will actually be assigned to your case. Worse still, once you sign a contract with some firms, you can’t get past their legal assistant to speak to an actual lawyer!
  2. Does this lawyer actually practice big truck cases?  Trucking cases are very different from car accident cases. Commercial drivers are regulated by the DOT and many lawyers who are perfectly competent to handle a normal car accident case are not familiar enough with DOT regulations to successfully deal with these cases.
  3. Do you feel comfortable with your lawyer?  This is essential. If your gut tells you that you shouldn’t trust a person, you shouldn’t. Having doubts means you aren’t going to have the strong, trust-based relationship so you feel secure following their advice. As with all important relationships in life, trust between you and your lawyer is imperative.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a big truck, call us today.