KY proposed bill

Going For Two In KY

Bill Passed Allowing A Candidate To Run For Two Elected Positions At Once In Kentucky

The Kentucky State Senate passed a Senate Bill 205, Tuesday that would allow a person to run for two offices at the same time.  This applies directly to Republic Senator Rand Paul, who is planning a run for the presidency in 2016.  The new legislation does not name Sen. Paul specifically, but he was a strong proponent of the bill.  Kentucky state law through KRS § 118.405, currently bans a candidate from appearing on a ballot twice.

Sen. Paul has stated it is his intention to appear on the ballot in 2016 twice, and running for his Senate seat as well as for president if he receives the Republican nomination in 2016.  Sen. Paul is currently the front-runner for the 2016 Republican nomination according to a CNN poll and a couple straw polls.  Several Democrats have spoken out against the bill, says that Sen. Paul should have to choose which office he wants to run for.

The bill has passed the Senate and must still be approved by the Kentucky House to become law.   The House Speaker Greg Stumbo said that he did not believe the bill would pass the Democrat-led House to become law.

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