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Hiring Traffic Offense Lawyer In KY

When Should I Contact A Traffic Offense Lawyer About My Speeding Ticket?

In many instances, it is important for you to have an experienced traffic offense lawyer with you at your initial court appearance. Having an attorney with you then can make a big difference to how your case progresses.  While also protecting you from making critical blunders at your arraignment.  Traffic offenses include speeding tickets, reckless driving and DUI charges. This means you should contact an attorney as soon as possible after being charged.

Adequate time is needed to investigate the specific facts associated with your situation. As well as to allow your attorney to prepare an appropriate defense. When you contact a lawyer, make sure you have a copy of the citation and the date for your first court hearing. Your attorney will need that to best be able to help you.

If you have questions about a traffic violation or a speeding ticket, or about how an attorney can help you with your traffic ticket contact Hurst & Hurst Law at (859) 209-2101.

  1. My friend just got his first speeding ticket and he does not know what to do. I agree with the article about getting an experienced attorney right way to help him with his ticket. I should tell him about it so he can contact one right away.

  2. In your article, you stated that having an attorney with you then can make a big difference to how your case progresses and while also protecting you from making critical blunders at your arraignment. My son called me last night because he was pulled over for speeding and received a ticket. I wonder how much your first speeding ticket can affect your life.

    • The answer to that question, as is often the case with legal matters, is it depends. It depends on what he was charged with and what he wants to do with his life. If he was charged with driving 10 mph over the speed limit that is very different than reckless driving or 25 mph over. It depends on if he want to get a CDL eventually or other employment that is going to look at his driving record. For more specific information, please call the office and we can make you an appointment to speak with someone in more detail regarding this situation.

  3. My brother recently got a speeding ticket and it was a lot, and I wanted to do a little homework and make sure I could help him with it. Thank you for talking about the importance of getting an attorney with enough time as to allow them to look into your case and come up with the best strategy. Do you know how long it takes for a process like this to be decided?

    • The unfortunate answer is, as is often the case, that it depends. It depends on the specific charge, county attorney, court and county. Each county runs their case a little differently and it can affect how long something takes.

  4. I always knew that having an attorney in the courtroom is always the best thing, but I didn’t realize how important it was for driving violations, something as “small” as a speeding ticket. When you get so many of them, you can run the risk of having your license suspended. I wonder how many speeding tickets get dropped if you have an attorney there to help and guide you through the process. If I ever get a speeding ticket, I’ll be sure to speak with an attorney!

  5. Yesterday my sister was pulled over and given a traffic that I think she needs to fight in court. You mentioned that when hiring a lawyer for traffic offense it is important to have a lawyer with experience in the initial court appearance so that you can be protected. That is a great point that you made about having someone with experience. Thanks for the information that I will pass along to my sister.

  6. My roommate was cited for speeding and plans to fight it but we weren’t sure when she should get an attorney involved. I didn’t realize it would be so beneficial to have one at the initial court appearance but it does make sense. I agree it will protect you from making any mistakes that will impact how your case will progress. I will pass this information along to my roommate.

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