Preparing To Die Young

Preparing To Die Young

I know this is a rather callus way to start a conversation. But frankly we are all going to die and  need to be prepared to do so. This is a conversation that I as an attorney tend to find myself having more with older people, but none of us really have the promise of tomorrow.

Dying Young, Or At Least Youngish

Preparing to die young is an important task that too many of us avoid. In my opinion, it is more important for younger adults, who still have minor children to have a properly prepared will; than it is for someone whose children are grown. I would imagine that a dying parent who still had children at home would be far more concerned with who was going to look after their children; than how their property was divided.

The Court might come to the decision that parent would have wanted. But it is a whole lot safer to have a will nominating someone to care of your children. That way a Judge doesn’t have to make that determination after you’re gone.

Proper Planning

You need to do some proper planning if you have not already prepared a will. Or, if you have experienced a significant life change since your current will was prepared; for instance if you have gotten married or had another child. In that case you really need to speak with an attorney about your wishes and make updates.

Passing without a will can lead to results you would have never intended and passing with an outdated will can be even worse. For example, if you get a divorce after making a will that leaves everything to your spouse, that will is going to be binding in most cases. If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about estate planning, please call Hurst & Hurst Law to schedule a free consultation. Thank you.

Black Tie & Bluegrass

2017 Wilderness Trace Black Tie & Bluegrass Event

Wilderness Trace Child Development Center Event Danville KYLast week, Wilderness Trace Child Development Center hosted their annual Black Tie & Bluegrass event in Danville, KY. Wilderness Trace Child Development Center (WTCDC) provides much needed services to families in the area. The event that took place last weekend was the main local fund raiser for WTCDC. The annual dinner, auction and dance provide support for the center’s early education opportunities for children at Wilderness Trace Child Development Center.

WTCDC serves children from birth through five years of age by providing educational and therapeutic services for children with and without disabilities. The center serves Boyle and the Continue reading

Who You Are Can Matter

Some Driver’s Face Stiffer Penalties Than Others In Kentucky

Penalties for Drivers Younger than 21 Years Old

Younger drivers and commercial drivers can face greater penalties for traffic and driving violations than others in Kentucky. Generally, drivers younger than 21 years old face stiffer penalties than others, and those less than 18 greater still.

For example, drivers younger than 18 years old who receive traffic tickets during their permit or intermediate licensing phases must begin their 180 days of waiting all over again. Beginning  from the date of the violation on. Putting them out an additional half a year on getting their license fully.
Drivers younger than 21 years old convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) face complete license suspension. Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyer Training

Hurst & Hurst Attended Personal Injury Lawyer Training

The attorneys of Hurst & Hurst Law attended personal injury lawyer training in Nashville, TN. The Kentucky Justice Association, hosted the continuing legal education seminar in TN. The Kentucky Justice Association is a professional organization devoted to protecting plaintiff’s right to trial. As well as helping provide better legal representation to Kentucky.

The training was part of the KJA’s annual convention, which took place in lovely Nashville, TN.  The event’s location allowed lawyers from all across the State to strengthen relationships. And take in some of the wonderful sights Nashville has to offer. Continue reading

Out Of State Traffic Offenses

Speeding Out Of State

Traveling and vacations are fun. What is not as much fun are out of state traffic offenses. A traffic offense lawyer at Hurst & Hurst Law can provide out of state residents with the highest caliber legal representation for traffic violations or speeding tickets incurred in Kentucky.

For many out of state visitors it can be difficult to travel back to Kentucky to acquire legal representation. In addition to the multiple court dates for moving violations charged in Kentucky. To help non-residents, our firm works to reduce the number of times you have to travel to Kentucky to resolve any traffic violations.  We do not require that clients travel to our office to Continue reading

6th Annual BBQ Festival

Hurst & Hurst Law Sponsored The Sixth Kentucky State BBQ Festival

6th BBQ Festival Danville KYThe 6th Annual Kentucky State BBQ Festival was held in Constitution Square during the first weekend of September in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky.  The festival benefited the United Way of Kentucky. While showcasing some famed BBQ pit masters from all across the United States. Some of the States represented include: Florida, Kentucky, Iowa, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina and Tennessee. Continue reading

Wilderness Trace Distillery Event

Lawyers at Danville-Boyle County KY EventThe attorneys of Hurst & Hurst Law attended a local Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce event. The event was held and sponsored by the Wilderness Trace Distillery’s. The event took place at the distillery’s new facilities on 4095 Lebanon Rd, Danville, KY 40422.  This event was attended by members of surrounding county Chamber of Commerce, including Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer Counties. Hurst & Hurst Law at Danville-Boyle County KY Event

The event was a pre-showing of the distillery’s new facilities at their new location on Lebanon Rd, Danville. During the event participants received a tour of the distillery’s new facilities. As well as an explanation of distilling practices.  The facilities will have their grand opening on September 24th of 2016 and will then be officially open for public tours. Continue reading

Ethics Training

Hurst & Hurst Lawyers Attend Ethics Training In Richmond, KY

Hurst & Hurst Law attorneys, Rebecca and Daniel Hurst attended an ethics training put on by the Kentucky Justice Association. The event took place on March of 2016, in the University Club at Arlington in Richmond, Kentucky.

The speaker for the event was Pete Gullett, with Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky.  Mr. Gullett practiced law in Kentucky for many years before starting his work with Lawyers Mutual.  He provided invaluable insight to those in attendance about how to conduct a Continue reading

Med Pay In KY

What Is Med Pay In Kentucky?

The short answer is that Med Pay is a form of insurance that only pays for medical expenses resulting from injuries sustained in accident.  In many states, it is incredibly important to those injured in auto accidents, however because Kentucky is what we call a PIP (Personal Injury Protection) state; which makes it less important in car wreck litigation.  The reason being that PIP will cover everything that Med Pay covers, but it will also cover lost wages.

In Kentucky Med Pay Is Important In Premises Liability

Continue reading