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Med Pay In KY

What Is Med Pay In Kentucky?

The short answer is that Med Pay is a form of insurance that only pays for medical expenses resulting from injuries sustained in accident.  In many states, it is incredibly important to those injured in auto accidents, however because Kentucky is what we call a PIP (Personal Injury Protection) state; which makes it less important in car wreck litigation.  The reason being that PIP will cover everything that Med Pay covers, but it will also cover lost wages.

In Kentucky Med Pay Is Important In Premises Liability

While Med Pay is rarely involved in auto accidents in Kentucky, many homeowner’s and premise liability insurance policies offer these benefits.  This means if you are injured on someone else’s property or a business you may be able to get your medical expenses paid for without having to file a lawsuit.  In many cases you don’t even have to prove that the owner of the premises caused your injury.

What Are The Limitations ?

Med Pay policies on homeowner’s and premises liability insurance policies are not very uniform.  Because the terms and language of the policies vary, most people will need a Personal Injury Attorney to help them determine what benefits might be available to them.  These policies are designed to pay medical expenses, so the money typically goes directly to the medical provider or to the party who paid for the medical expenses.  If that party is the person who is injured then Med Pay will pay directly to them as reimbursement. However if the expenses were paid by another insurer the funds go directly to the insurance company.

How Does Med Pay Help People Injured In Kentucky?

If your injury can be covered by Med Pay it does two primary things in the context of litigation.  It can help cover some of your medical bills so those aren’t hanging over your head during the litigation process.  It can also aide in settling your case because it can be used to deal with subrogation interests.

If you have any other questions about Med Pay you are welcome to call the attorneys at Hurst & Hurst Law.

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