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Mercer County Chamber Event

Mercer County Lawyers at Chamber of Commerce Event

Lawyer in Mercer CountyThe attorneys of Hurst & Hurst Law attended the chamber event hosted by the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce. The event took place in Harrodsburg, KY at Economic Alliance and the Olde Town Distillery building. The wonderful event had BBQ, tastings, and tours of the distillery and building.

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The event was attended by chamber members from neighboring counties, including Boyle, Garrard, and Lincoln.  These chamber events allow business people and residents to mingle with those from the surrounding counties and strengthen relationships between the counties. These events help encourage growth across our region.

Lawyers at Mercer Chamber EventThe lawyers of Hurst & Hurst Law, are proud members of the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber of Commerce not only schedules event such as this. They work to further the goals of business people in the county.  As well as encouraging business growth in Harrodsburg, Mercer County and the surrounding counties. Our office is pleased as a firm to support, not only the Chamber of Commerce, but Mercer County as a whole.

Hurst & Hurst is pleased to be a part of Mercer County, with our secondary office location located on 104 Poplar Street in Harrodsburg. If you are looking for a Mercer County lawyer or have questions, please contact us for a free consultation. To see more pictures from the event check out Hurst & Hurst Law’s Facebook page.

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