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  • Reckless Drivers – What Duties Do Driver’s Have?

    Every driver owes a duty to act reasonably while driving. Failure to do so can cause property damage, lost wages, physical injury, pain & suffering, and even death. If you have questions about an auto accident, or whether you could recover fro another driver's failure to act appropriately contact Hurst

  • Who Is The Bankruptcy Trustee

    Many people don't know or understand who a trustee is or what there purpose is in a bankruptcy. The simplest answer, is a bankruptcy trustee manages your bankruptcy estate. If you have questions about filing bankruptcy contact us at (859)209-2101 to set up a free consultation with our bankruptcy attorney at Hurst

  • Concussion After A Car Wreck

    Concussions after a car wreck are common. However, recognizing the signs & symptoms of a concussion can be difficult. Following a car accident, if you have a concussion you should seek medical treatment then speak with an experienced car wreck lawyer at Hurst & Hurst by calling (859)209-2101

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  • Mercer County Chamber Event

    The lawyers of Hurst & Hurst attended the chamber event hosted by the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce this week in Harrodsburg, KY at Economic Alliance and the Olde Town Distillery building. The wonderful event had BBQ, tastings, and tours of the distillery and building. The event was attended by chamber

  • 2017 Mercer County Oktoberfest

    The lawyers of Hurst & Hurst Law, Daniel and Rebecca Hurst made sure to attend the Mercer County, KY Oktoberfest festivities on Saturday and enjoy some good food and wonderful fall weather.

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  • Child Tax Exemptions In KY

    In Kentucky, once a couple has divorced, who can claim the child for tax purposes is determined by IRS standards. However, if a parent can prove that awarding them the exemption contrary to IRS standards will actually benefit the child, the trial court can award it to the non-eligible parent.


  • 2017 KY State BBQ Festival

    Hurst & Hurst Law sponsored the 7th Annual Kentucky State BBQ festival for the fourth year in a row; lawyers, Daniel and Rebecca Hurst made sure to attend the festivities on Saturday to sample some fantastic BBQ.

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  • Breakdown Of A Negligence Claim

    When a negligence claim is brought, the person who brings the suit (known as the Plaintiff) must show that the person being sued (known as the Defendant) was negligent. There are several elements of a negligence claim.

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  • Preparing To Die

    Proper estate planning is important for everyone, to make your passing as easy on your loved ones as possible and make sure your final wishes are followed

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  • Bankruptcy 341 Meeting

    A 341 Meeting of Creditors occurs approximately a month after you file for bankruptcy. At the meeting the trustee will call a first meeting of creditors, which the debtor must attend.

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