Attack On 7th Amendment

Hurst & Hurst Attorney Acts To Protect 7th Amendment Rights Of Kentuckians

Attorney Rebecca HurstProtecting the 7th Amendment Rights. Hurst & Hurst Law attorney Rebecca Hurst, traveled to Frankfort, to the State’s Capital in February to help defend Kentucky citizens’ rights under the Seventh (7th) Amendment of the US Constitution and Section 7 of the Kentucky Constitution. Both the 7th Amendment and Section 7 of the Kentucky Constitution act to protect an individual’s right to trial by jury.

Rebecca along with many other lawyers met with legislators on February 9th, 2016. The purpose being to discuss Senate Bill No. 6. Senate Bill No. 6 would create a medical review panel system for use in civil litigation relating to health care providers. Meaning that an individual harmed through medical negligence would have to present their case Continue reading

Medical Marijuana Trials In KY

Proposed Bill For Clinical Trials For Medical Marijuana In Kentucky

Senator Denise Harper Angel, D-Louisville, filed a bill that is attempting to get clinical trials set up to study the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana.  Senate Bill 236, would commandeer funding for clinical trials.  The bill pulls funds from Kentucky Access, which is a health insurance program for high-risk patients that is winding down because of the new health benefit exchange being in place.  If the bill is successful clinical health trials could begin in March 31, 2015.

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Going For Two In KY

Bill Passed Allowing A Candidate To Run For Two Elected Positions At Once In Kentucky

The Kentucky State Senate passed a Senate Bill 205, Tuesday that would allow a person to run for two offices at the same time.  This applies directly to Republic Senator Rand Paul, who is planning a run for the presidency in 2016.  The new legislation does not name Sen. Paul specifically, but he was a strong proponent of the bill.  Kentucky state law through KRS § 118.405, currently bans a candidate from appearing on a ballot twice.

Sen. Paul has stated it is his intention to appear on the ballot in 2016 twice, and running for his Continue reading

Roman Catholic Schoolteacher Alleges Was Fired For In Vitro Fertilization

Roman Catholic Schoolteacher Alleges She Was Fired For Having In Vitro Fertilization

A former schoolteacher in Indiana has filed a lawsuit against the Northern Indiana Diocese.  The former Roman Catholic teacher has filed suit alleging she was fired for using in vitro fertilization.  She claims the school discriminated against her based on her gender and on infertility, which is considered a disability, by firing her for using in vitro fertilization.

Target Shopper’s Credit And Debit Card Information Hacked

Breach to Target’s System Allows Credit and Debit Card Information to be Stolen

It is estimated that over 40 Million Target accounts have been compromised.  There was a security breach at Target stores which began on or around November 27th, right before “Black Friday,” and continued through at least December 15th.   The security breach allowed hackers to access Target customer’s credit card and debit card data.  Target announced December 20th, that it had been hacked and that there had been a compromise to millions of card holder accounts.  Continue reading