“Ridin’ Dirty” & Your Rights In Kentucky

Common Myths About Your Rights And Police Searches Of Your Vehicle

Do not take legal advice from rappers, Google, or your untrained buddies. There are many misconceptions about the law that unfortunately could result in severe consequences. Hopefully, this post will help dispel a common myth about the law regarding police vehicle searches. If you have been arrested or are in need of legal assistance do not hesitate to call (859) 209-2101 for a free consultation.

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Criminal Prosecution In Kentucky

The Steps Of A Criminal Prosecution In Kentucky

Understanding the process of a criminal prosecution is vital to defending a criminal charge and asserting your rights as a defendant.  The following is a step by step explanation of what happens from the time a crime is alleged all the way to the trial.

1.  How a Criminal Prosecution Begins.

There are three primary ways in which a prosecution is initiated; (1) a police officer files a complaint, (2) a private citizen files a complaint, or (3) an arrest is made without a warrant or Continue reading