Employee v. Independant Contractor

What’s The Difference Between An Employee And An Independent Contractor In Kentucky

Employee  V. Independent Contractor; What’s the difference?

Workers’ Compensation is controlled by Kentucky State Law.  Specific exemptions to the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Act are provided in KRS 342.650.  The exemptions include farm workers and domestic servants.  Also exempted from workers’ compensation coverage are independent contractors.  If a person is exempt from the Workers’ Compensation laws then the Continue reading

Workers’ Comp In Kentucky

What Is The Purpose Of Workers’ Compensation Law In Kentucky

Workers’ Compensation Law was put in place to protect workers from the financial harm of accidents and injuries suffered at work.  The adoption of workers’ compensation statutes began around the time of the industrial revolution.  Previously if a person was injured at work they had to seek compensation through common law.  Injured employees could only recover from employers by showing the employer was negligent.  Under the old system injured employees could only recover by showing the injury was caused only by the employer’s negligence

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