Traffic Offenses Penalties

Who You Are Can Matter

Some Driver’s Face Stiffer Penalties Than Others In Kentucky

Penalties for Drivers Younger than 21 Years Old

Younger drivers and commercial drivers can face greater penalties for traffic and driving violations than others in Kentucky. Generally, drivers younger than 21 years old face stiffer penalties than others, and those less than 18 greater still.

For example, drivers younger than 18 years old who receive traffic tickets during their permit or intermediate licensing phases must begin their 180 days of waiting all over again. Beginning  from the date of the violation on. Putting them out an additional half a year on getting their license fully.
Drivers younger than 21 years old convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) face complete license suspension.

You can find more details about young driver traffic violations, their regulations, and their penalties in the Kentucky Driver Manual. Or, if you have questions on what to do after you have been charged with a traffic violation contact our office to speak with a lawyer.

Penalties for Kentucky Commercial Drivers

Drivers with commercial licenses face different penalties for traffic violations than ordinary drivers.

For first offenses, commercial drivers can lose your CDL for 1 year if you:

  • Operate your commercial motor vehicle (CMV) with a BAC of .04% or higher, or under the influence of a controlled substance.
  • Leave the scene of an accident.
  • Refuse to take a blood, breath, or urine test.
  • Use a CMV to commit a felony.

It is important to note that you’ll lose your CDL for 3 years if you commit any of the above offenses while operating a CMV placarded for hazardous material transportation.

For second offenses, you’ll lose your CDL driving privileges for life if you commit a second offense of any of the following:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Refusing to take a blood, breath, or urine test.
  • Using a CMV in the commission of a felony.

As a CDL driver you can also receive a lifetime disqualification for using your license to commit a felony involving controlled substances or trafficking controlled substances.

Serious Traffic Offenses can also cause you to get your CDL suspended. KY defines serious traffic offenses as:

  • Speeding 15 mph or more over the speed limit.
  • Driving carelessly or reckless driving.
  • Changing lanes in an erratic or improper manner.
  • Driving too closely behind another vehicle.
  • Committing any violation that shows wanton disregard for another person’s or property’s safety.

Make sure you report all traffic citations to your employer (and the KYTC, in the case of out-of-state tickets) within 30 days of receiving them.

Legal Help With Traffic Violations In Kentucky

Our lawyers can help you with a variety of traffic charges, including driving under the influence, speeding, reckless driving, operating without insurance or other traffic violations.  If you have questions about a traffic violation or speeding ticket, what penalties you may face, or about how a lawyer can help you with moving violation, contact Hurst & Hurst Law at (859) 209-2101.

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